A' Design Awards & Competition is calling for submissions

The awards aim to highlight, advertise and advocate good design, designers and design-oriented companies.

The A' Design awards aim to encourages designers to create superior products or projects that benefit society while also helping to create global awareness for good design by promoting the very best design from across the globe. 

Entries for next year's event are open to designers in categories including Good Industrial Design Award, Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award, Good Service Design Award, and Good Fashion Design Award.

Entries will be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and members of the media.

Past winners include the Małopolska Garden of Arts, a cultural center in Poland (below: top left).

The Centre, by Ingarden & Ewý Architects, sits opposite the public library on a street popular with students. It was the aim of the architects to ensure that it blends in smoothly into the city. The building introduced new spatial order to the old backyards and ruined buildings in the area. 

It features a multifunctional hall, which was entered into the outline of the old, 19th-century horse-riding arena, used in the last years of its history as workshops and storage space for the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków, Poland.

Other previous architectural winners include a wood-clad lakeside home that was inspired by the owner's passion for photography (above: bottom left). Owned by a commercial photographer, the house consists of two simple platonic forms, one resting on the other, pulled apart to create an aperture to the lake where the view is revealed once you enter the house.

 Based on the number of countries, the A’ Design Award & Competition is one of the world's most diffused and largest design competition that covers all different design fields and disciplines.  The award also differentiates itself from other design competitions for their immense focus on promotion and publicity of winners. To read more about the winners featured aboveas well as others, please visit the website.

Submit your nominations before the deadline on September 30. The winners will be announced on April 15, 2019.