The surreal merging of Hüseyin Sahin’s disparate worlds

Dramatic photography and Photoshop wizardry meet for striking visual effect.

Hüseyin Sahin is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. When he is not busying himself with corporate gigs for the advertising world, Sahin creates unique collages that bring together multiple contrasting scenes in unreal style.

Sahin uses original photographs and turns them into something wholly other with the power of photomanipulation. Entire environments are turned inside out with surreality and invasive centrepieces, seamlessly stitched into place with modern software, transform the scene into something imaginative.

Huseyin Sahin visual art

The Turkish designer does not narrate meaning with these artworks nor does he curate them as part of distinct photo series, creating them rather in an offbeat way for pleasure and expression of imagination.

Sahin’s artworks are often marked by a disruption of scale: small things become the gargantuan focal point of otherwise mundane photographs, seeming both out of place and natural at once. The artist also melds together different conceptual worlds, colliding technology with nature or moving marine life into urban spaces in strange visual harmony.

Huseyin Sahin visual art