Make think become did.
Absa Standard

When ideas are brought to life, we can all prosper. This is the power of design and why we are, once again, entrenching our support for design as a sponsor of Design Indaba 2014.

Design Indaba leaves one’s mind ripe with ideas but, alas, that’s often where it ends. We do not take action because we do not know the way forward and for a company that believes in helping people to prosper, this notion is a travesty.

As such, this year we are evolving the Democratic Republic of Design concept further and will be rewarding delegates who share their design ideas with us; those who take the first step in making “think” become “did”. These ideas, should they have potential, will be brought to life in exciting ways – from an illustrated concept sketch on items from our DID store, to a real prototype and trademark. Again, the Democratic Republic of Design app will house this world of possibility and help you make “think” become “did”.

When a designer prospers, we all prosper. So, go. Think, share, inspire, but more importantly, do.