Andrew Shoben

Andrew Shoben creates art in pubic spaces, bringing art and a form of creative expression to urban areas where is usually nothing of the sort.

Andrew Shoben is the founder of greyworld, a world-renowned collective of artists who create art in public spaces. Primarily, greyworld's work is about play, and allowing some form of creative expression in areas of the city where there is usually none.

greyworld has created works in some hugely coveted locations across the world and now have permanent installations in 14 countries.

In 2004 Shoben launched The Source, a permanent installation for the London Stock Exchange, which was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Source was observed by millions of people around the world on television every day.

In 2010, Shoben unveiled "Paint," an installation that allows phones to paint on the city. Commissioned by Nokia, it has recently been nominated the Interactive Artwork of the year by the Design Museum.

Shoben has also created works for the Copernicus Centre in Warsaw and the CentralWorld Centre in Bangkok.

Most recently greyworld launched "Trafalgar Sun," a giant installation for Trafalgar Square in London.

Shoben is a regular contributor to television, radio and print, and lectures extensively around the world. He has presented a show on BBC Radio 4 about public art.

After lecturing at the Royal College of Art for four years, Shoben became Professor of Public Art at Goldsmiths University.