Drew Haller

Drew Haller is an emerging creative and arts and culture journalist

Drew Haller is an emerging creative and arts and culture journalist. Using digital media as a tool to create accountability and distribute ideas, she believes that literature is an important medium to maintain intimate connections to global communities. Her non-fiction works deliver compelling investigations into issues of social justice, human nature, and fringe culture.

She invites readers to contemplate how art and innovative thinking can be used to design more empathetic communities and alternative value systems. From dawn to dusk, Drew is a copywriter, volunteer, researcher, and parliamentary reporter. After that, she bides her time with poetry, storytelling, editing, writing and the occasional living-room dance.

She enjoys the dynamism of the creative industry, which allows her to reconfigure her work according to social needs. She wholeheartedly supports the development of wellness economies, and figures that art and culture should be the lens through which we develop humanity.

Playful, inquisitive, and analytical, Drew is passionate about political awareness, creativity and the connective power of language. A student of History, French and Politics, she often integrates rhetoric from international relations theory into her work, positioning her readers within the African context while also demonstrating the influence of worlds beyond her own.

Drew’s priority is, above all, using her platform to showcase the work of South African artists. She is a collaborator to her core and loves any opportunity to interview, feature and publicise fellow creatives. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Say When magazine, an independent digital publication that branches off of That Eclectic’s creative collective.

She assists a girl gang of illustrators, artists, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and academics, in facilitating educational conversations and reflections on the topics which concern Gen-Z and the broader community. Whatever privileges Drew has, she hopes to use them to the benefit of underserved communities. She is particularly focused on empowering women of colour, who fall at the intersection of class, race and gender vulnerabilities. Her influences include Sisonke Mismang, Phumlani Phikoli, Patti Smith, Legacy Russell, Yuval Noah Harari, and Koleka Putuma.

The youngest of four resilient sisters, she’s grateful for the permanent mentorship she receives from the leading ladies in her life. When Drew isn’t at her laptop, you can find her roller-skating by the ocean, meandering through art galleries, debating and dancing with friends or preparing family dinners.