Bringing magic to the Design Indaba experience, to make it so much more than a Conference and an Expo.

For all of us at DStv, our partnership with Design Indaba is self-evident. Design touches each and every part of our lives. It extends beyond the functional to the magical – complementing who we are and how we live. It’s all about finding inspiration and channelling this to invent something new, or improve on something that already exists. At DStv, we believe TV has a similar power to inspire. Whether you’re transported by the music you’re listening to, or captivated by the series you’re watching, TV takes you on a journey beyond yourself and your immediate surroundings – igniting new ideas and showing you unthought-of possibilities.

Sponsoring Design Indaba gives us the opportunity to bring the magic of both mediums together in a unique way. For DStv, Design Indaba isn’t just a Conference and an Expo. It’s an experience. It’s a week of immersion in a world where people are making a contribution with their ideas, their skills, their vision and passion, and, ultimately, themselves. It’s an invitation to become part of that world. To join the movement. To indulge in the vision of tomorrow, and make it a reality.

As a proud sponsor of Design Indaba for the fourth consecutive year in 2013, DStv would like to welcome you to another enriching event. Interact, indulge, and be inspired to add “so much more” to our world.