Front is a Swedish design group of three dynamic women: Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren.

Front works as a group where all members are involved in the design process from initial discussions and ideas to final product. Their products often communicate a story to about the design process, regarding conventions within the product field or the material it is made of.

Since they launched Front in 2003, they have done some interesting things. Their Design by Animals project literally entailed rats, dogs, rabbits and snakes helping them design wallpaper, hooks, lamps and other everyday objects. Out of their Technology in New Form project came loud speakers shaped as a crystal vase, MP3 players carved out of wood and an answering machine in silicone shaped like a lamp hanging from the ceiling. Their accolades include Wallpaper's 2005 Best Young Designer award, the 2004 Future Design Days award and Elle Deco Japan’s Best Newcomer award.