Hannerie Visser

Founder and creative director of Studio H, Hannerie Visser is the food experience curator for Design Indaba Festival 2018.

Hannerie Visser grew up on a table grape farm in South Africa. Her mother and grandmother were both domestic science teachers. Today she designs and produces culinary experiences through her Cape Town-based company Studio H.

After 13 years in the magazine publishing industry, Hannerie co-founded the award-winning design agency The President in 2008 where she co-created the Toffie Pop Culture Festival, and the Toffie Food Festival.

With a love for the effect of science on the perception of food and how that can be manipulated to create memories, in 2013 she launched Studio H, a culinary-minded design studio creating multi-sensory brand experiences through the lens of food. Through Studio H she spearheaded the annual Street Food Festival which takes place in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Food Studio and the Spier Secret Festival, both food and wine events focusing on ethical food production, sustainable food practices and trends. The Spier Secret Festival won Drinks International Awards’ Best Wine Event in 2015.

In 2015 Hannerie was named GLAMOUR’s Woman Of The Year: Creative Business. She has spoken about culinary and sensory experience design at IDEA Design Conference (2015), Between 10and5’s Creative Women Conference (2015), at the Dimension Data Trend Panel and at Business of Design (2017).

Studio H is the African Ambassador for the Dutch Institute of Food and Design. In 2017 the Studio exhibited the ongoing speculative project S/ZOUT at the Embassy of Food at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. S/ZOUT imagines the future of food if the water used for agriculture is sea water, and was named by Dezeen as one of 10 most sustainable foods of the future on show at Dutch Design Week 2017.

In 2017 Hannerie founded her own food and culture magazine, Chips!, which launched at the New York Food Book Fair.

Hannerie’s driving force is to find solutions to challenges in the food system to ultimately contribute to a better and more sustainable world through design. She is the food curator at Design Indaba 2018 and a judge of the Design Indaba Emerging Creatives 2018.