Hellicar & Lewis

Pete Hellicar and Joel Lewis use art, design and technology to create experiences that take people into the moment.

Formed in 2008, Hellicar & Lewis is the partnership between Pete Hellicar and Joel Gethin Lewis. Their work uses art, technology and design to create groundbreaking experiences that take people into the moment to impart lasting memories.

Recently, the duo worked on a global 24 Hour Music event for Coca-Cola. The project involved taking real-time input from music fans across the globe from social networks and projecting it, while also allowing visitors to contribute to the conversation via Twitter.

Lewis completed a degree in interaction design at the Royal College of Art in 2004. Post-graduation he worked at Benetton’s communication research centre, Fabrica, before returning to London where he worked as an interaction designer with United Visual Artists. Here he collaborated and toured with the likes of U2 and Massive Attack.

After discovering openFrameworks in 2008, Lewis founded Hellicar & Lewis in 2009 with Hellicar. The business was founded with the express aim of building a creative business around Open Source.

Lewis is an advocate of the Open Source approach throughout society, in addition to the need for a programming education for all. He co-founded the international interaction design meet-up, This Happened... He is also the founder of the Enlightenment Club.

Hellicar toured the world, skating professionally, before co-founding Unabomber Skateboards in 1997. Here he produced boards and apparel featuring the work of, among others, Pete Fowler and Will Sweeney.

In 2001 Hellicar became the art director for Etnies Worldwide, where he was responsible for the rebranding of Etnies advertising, including all logos and apparel. In 2004 he returned to the UK, where continued art directing campaigns for Etnies and doing design consultancy for clients like Channel 4, Topshop and Orange. In 2009 Hellicar joined Lewis to start Hellicar & Lewis.

In addition to their commercial work, Hellicar & Lewis also enjoys working in educational, artistic and performance contexts. The creative duo are involved in an ongoing project that creates interactive therapeutic software for children on the autistic spectrum.