How Far From Home

Two creatives. One wanderlist. Zero reasons to stay at home.

Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger make up How Far From Home – a personal project that sent them on a trip around the world to see how far from home they could get – literally to see how far they could travel from Johannesburg, South Africa; and figuratively to see how far they could push themselves outside of their comfort zones.

Both former advertising creatives (Cartell an ex-creative-director at a social media agency, and Dirnberger an ex-art-director at an ATL agency) that were inspired by 2014 Design Indaba speaker Stefan Sagmeister, they decided to sell everything they owned and quit the rat race to go on a creative exploration around the world. Having spent 12 months doing everything from mushing with huskies in the Arctic Circle and sailing through various Greek islands, to hiking in knee-deep snow in Switzerland and camping in the Australian Outback, the couple has explored photography, illustration and creative writing as a way to document their journey and reinvigorate their creativity.

The journey not only gave the couple some perspective on how they spend their limited time on Earth, but also opened up new avenues and collaborations from around the world, making it one of the most productive and creatively enriched year of their lives.