Joris Laarman

Dutch designer, artist and entrepreneur.

Joris Laarman Lab is an experimental playground set up to study and shape the future. It tinkers with craftsmen, scientists and engineers on the many new possibilities of upcoming technology and its consequential esthetics.

The lab started in 2004 by Joris Laarman and partner and filmmaker Anita Star. Both born in 1979, and grew up in the rural countryside of the Netherlands. Joris attended the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1998 and graduated cum laude in 2003. Anita studied film at the UVA in Amsterdam and joined forces in 2004. The lab gained first notoriety with the Reinventing functionality project, which included functional rococo radiator Heatwave that was picked up by Droogdesign.

Other key projects are the Bone chair in 2006 and recently the steel pedestrian Bridge for the city of Amsterdam 3d printed in stainless steel by Robots. He contributed in articles and seminars for Domus magazine and was a guest teacher at European universities like the Architectural Association London, Rietveld academy Amsterdam and the Design academy Eindhoven.

Joris Laarman Lab multiple works in many renowned museums in more than 10 countries like the MoMA, V&A, Centre Pompidou and recently the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam where the Bonechair is the closing work of the 20st century collection. He is winner of awards like an Innovator of the year award by the wall street journal, The Amsterdam art Prize, The Starts prize by the European commission and a Dutch design Award.

In November 2015 an extensive solo exhibition of the experimental work initiated by the Groningen museum was visited by more than 200.000 visitors and started travelling around the world.