Magrietha Labuschagne

Magrietha Labuschagne’s work is designed from the inside out
Magrietha Labuschagne
Magrietha Labuschagne Standard

Magrietha Labuschagne’s work is designed from the inside out. She has designed her current range of products with manufacturing ease as the main concern, focusing on how products are made more than how they look – they are Modernist in the sense of form following function. 


She has considered the South African workforce and concerned herself with fast-paced, high-scale, short timeframe production. She has also designed the range to be flat-packed as she believes our country has huge capacity for exports. 


Her current collection, entitled Nomad, makes a strong visual impact due to the proportional planning of the designs. Think Le Corbusier here: “Decoration is the necessary superfluity or quantum of the peasant, and proportion is the necessary superfluity or quantum of the cultivated man.” The products from the Nomad collection are made from steel and solid wood in a variety of quality and price classes catering to the entire market.


Magrietha worked in her father’s furniture factory for two years, doing admin, management and sales. She worked closely with the employees in the factory and learnt a lot about how manufacturing works and the problems that we face here in South Africa.


She started to design here and there and came to the realisation that manufacturing needed to be revolutionized - there is too much room for making mistakes and a lot of time is wasted on joinery. She took a break from the factory in November 2018 and did a lot of reading up on architecture and design while designing the Nomad collection. She went through a deep spiritual awakening and feels that it is her life purpose to revolutionize design and manufacturing models in South Africa. Now, she creates partnerships instead of employing workers.