MTN is pleased to partner with the prestigious Design Indaba Conference and Expo for the third year in succession.
MTN Standard

At MTN we understand that we live in a world of constant change – a world that requires innovative and creative thinkers.

We believe that with the right support, a better future can be designed.

The twenty first century is the age of environmental sustainability. The human race, as a collective, is increasingly aware of the fragility of the earth and our contribution to its decline. As such consumers are now calling for the development and production of health and environment, safe products that are sustainable.

For MTN, sustainability is not about ticking boxes and being compliant, it is a way of life. We are aware that if we are to remain sustainable as a business, sustainability must be an objective that governs our business dealings and operations.

MTN has already begun reaping the benefits of its greening initiatives by reducing electricity consumption at MTN Head Office in Fairlands, Roodepoort by 37%, this was achieved in 2011.

This substantial reduction, is attributable to a number of factors, one of which is MTN ability to generate its own electricity from its methane powered Tri-Generation plant, the 2-MW plant which powers the company’s head office, data center and a test switch centre.

<>During this year’s Design Indaba, we (MTN) plan to continue to demonstrate our innovation and technology in a creative manner and by connecting people to the world. We will show our network is carbon footprint conscious and cautious.

Through MTN Business, we will exhibit how MTN combines technology with creative problem-solving to be a powerful change-initiator/agent for your business, thereby, creating an opportunity to spread the message to “seed it”.

We would like to conclude by saying – “Welcome to the New World of business”.