Pauline Saglio

Pauline Saglio is an interaction designer and artist based in Switzerland whose interest lies in the combination of digital and tangible.

Born in Paris, Pauline Saglio studied at both Penninghen’s school of art and the Atelier de Sevre school of art before joining ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, where she is now a teacher in the Visual Communication Department. Her ambitions to work on projects that could combine different fields and media (beyond those of physical tools of an artist) led Saglio to move over to the Media and Interaction Design Unit, where she obtained her bachelor with honours in 2013.

Saglio has always kept a strong interest in drawings and mainly works with frame-by-frame animations that she combines with programming and interactivity. She infuses analogue objects with digital tech to help shift the perception that the digital cannot also be tangible.