Shaakira Jassat

Design Researcher.

Passionate about the way the world functions, Shaakira considers herself a design researcher. She is a South African-born graduate, with a bachelor in interior architecture from the University of Pretoria.

She is currently on the last leg of her studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Shaakira has many questions about the world and how we all operate in it, and through her work she tries to understand it all.

She will be presenting her latest project, thirTEA for ONE, which was made in honour of her father who passed away in November last year. It deals with our most precious element – water. 

As the day the taps will run dry in Cape Town gets closer,  Shaakira will speak about her installation that shows the amount of virtual water that a simple cup of tea contains. For every 150 ml of tea, 30 litres of water is required in the entire chain process.

The installation functions as a large tea maker, where one has to pour water into the tallest cup continuously until the very last cup at the bottom is filled. As it stands today, it makes up for just one third of the 30 litres of water used in the production chain of a cup of tea.