Yoni Bloch

With the tech wizardry of Interlude, Israeli musician and co-founder Yoni Bloch has made music videos an interactive experience rather than merely a visual one.

After Yoni Bloch and his band had the idea to create a unique music video that fans would want to play over and over again, they founded Interlude in 2011. They discovered that no technology existed that would support their vision of online seamless interactive play, so the band members set out to found and develop such technology themselves.

Through Interlude's patented technology, Bloch has ushered in a new era of online storytelling that allows users actively to engage with online videos in a meaningful and layered experience, letting fans remix songs and videos. This interactive approach yields multiple combinations and outcomes, allowing viewers to tailor a visual experience of their very own.

Bloch's startup helps musicians, directors and advertisers to create interactive videos that allow web watchers to switch between various scenes with the tap of a button. In 2014, Treehouse – this self-service platform that allows users to design and broadcast their own interactive videos – was at the centre of a global music video competition where winners were featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Under Bloch’s leadership, Interlude has created interactive videos for Shell, Subaru, Fox TV and ESPN – as well as possibly Interlude's best-known project, Bob Dylan’s wildly celebrated interactive music video for “Like A Rolling Stone”: viewers can flip through mock TV channels and see characters lip-syncing the classic Dylan song.

In Israel, Bloch is a successful rock musician and performer with three top-selling records. He has produced and recorded tracks for Israel's biggest artists, composed music for TV, film and theatre, and was also on the panel of judges in the Israeli version of “American Idol.”